Edible dormouse baby Karl-Theodor

During the second to last guided tour at the National Monument open Day, 13 September 2009, suddenly an edible dormouse baby crawled along in the Great Hall. It was undercooled and almost starved. It was warmed up, fed, groomed and baptised »Karl-Theodor«.
Meanwhile it is chirpy again and is picking up one gram per day. When found, its weight was just 19 grams. At the begin of hibernation in Octobre it would have to weigh 70 grams to be able to survive. Since he obviously had been born too late, it will winter with Rotraut von Stromer-Baumbauer. She will nourish and care for it: edible dormice have always lived in the castle and this has not changed after the restoration. Since the edible dormice are strictly protected there is no other chance than coddling it up and then return it to the wild.

Karl the edible dormouse

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