Great Pleasure

For the first time since 40 years, on 19 May 2012, the so-called horse fountain in the outer yard as well as the fountain near the palas began splashing again. The old oaken trough, dreaming of past times of triumph, had been running dry for long and was completely overgrown. It was sealed using clay and then it was: "charge the hose line".
This was accomplished thanks to knight Domenicus Johannes Lapidarius de la Casa Giardiniera, who had been digging like a true berserk and laying pipes. This will not be forgotten!
Although still provisional and run using an electrcal pump we are still dreaming of restoring and operating the old hydraulic ram plant. It was just a perfect dream listening to the chatting and splashing fountain in a balmy June night accompanied by the scent of roses, the light of glowworms and fluttering bats....

old horse trough

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