No Vandalism this Time

The pleasure about the restauration of the balustrade of "Sophienquelle" did not last long.
repaired balustrade It had turned out that the oak and the beech tree residing on the right side of the slope above the balustrade on a piece of rock were heavily grown together had no chance to survive anymore. Before Christmas 2012 a tree climber had put down the oak tree meter by meter. I.e., he climbed secured and with a chain saw into the tree, first had cut the branches bit by bit and then eventually the stem. When the oak tree had been chopped down, the beech tree already had moved to a more inclined position, but it appeared still safe, though. Two weeks later as it was to be cut, it had slipped down the slope with its much to small rootplate and one thick branch of it was resting on the balustrade close to the new sandstones.

beech tree and damaged balustrade 1 Now, when cutting the treetop, it turned and smashed an adjacent stone of the balustrade. It nevertheless was a blessing in disguise because it turned out that the entire stem was rotten and the tree climber had
beech tree and damaged balustrade 2 not climed it. He for sure would have fallen down together with the tree. And only the day before children had played just underneath the still standing beech tree. What could have happended!
Overall, the vandalism as of 2011 had caused much more pain. However, the financial damage is still large.

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