The Inner Yard is developing

Thanks to our volunteers, especially Dominik Weber, Alfred Kuch, Thomas Kiesel und Lothar Baumbauer, our Inner Yard is getting again an appropriate face. Dominik Weber and Thomas Kiesel
With much thought, muscular strength and patience a stone desert has been turned into an appropriate garden. preparation of the rolled lawn 1
The fine-particle granulate that had been used during the construction periods had been constantly carried into the buildings of the castle damaging the surface of the valuable wooden floors. Mainly for this reason in the recent years there was the strong wish to remove the granulate and lay in ways and lawns. The joint hard work of our volunteers has realized this dream to a far extent. preparation of the rolled lawn 2 green hell Billiard
There was sufficient money for this activity, because for her 60th birth day, the administrator had wished donations for the castle only.

Right in time for this years summer festival, two ways could be laid and the areas in between covered by rolled lawn.
rolled lawn 1 rolled lawn 2 Also there are new, richly blossoming beds. They allow the administrator to indulge in her love to special flowers. And the smashed stones of the balustrade of the "Sophienquelle" have found a new luck bringing purpose. bed 1 bed 2
Also the old boat is filled with new life again. The boat had been bought by the grand father in 1920. He had used it together with his sons on the river Schwarzach. boat 1 boat 2

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