Summer Festival 2013

Even though it had been raining cats and dogs since weeks, we dared to hold the summer festival by 2 June 2013. It was arctically chilly. With some improvisation it was possible to provide dry and warm rooms for all offered events.
in the 'New Building' ('Neuer Bau') Only the sports performances had to be cancelled without replacement. The lawn was just too wet.

People obviously were not frightened by the weather. They came in droves, ate like a horse, participated all events and celebrated a wonderful and peaceful festival. The rainy weather could not spoil the party.
knights duel But when around 17.30 the real big shower began, the festival was over all at a sudden. Fortunately, there were almost no leftovers. So the hosts did not have to eat noodle salad for weeks. But more luckily, there were no accidents and the amount of mud carried into the Palas was limited.

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