A window is seeing again the light of day

If one looked onto the so called Himmelbettstatt (a room called after its enclosed fourposter-bed) one could see at the first floor a window closed always with window-shutters. It had been bricked up in 1950 after the grenade hit at 28th of April, 1945. This was the reason for the total destruction of the stone window sill and the enclosed window . Because of the closing of this window the Himmelbettstatt
Blick vom Schneckenturm was very gloomy and got the nickname "the vault" even if it had two windows onto the north and one onto the eastern side.
While retiling the "snail walls roof" the carpenters tried, at my request, to reopen the shutters
Behind the shutters however they found a massive brickwall.
For not to spoil the future we laid temper registers into the plaster below the window.
In part III of the restoration the reopening of the window was as well not provided for in the absence of the necessary money.
Due to a generous gift by the "Altstadtfreunde Altdorf e.V." this dream could nevertheless be fulfilled.
Thank you so much! For a full day our stonemasons had to work to remove the bricks out of the window sill. It was just after war quality work.
zugemauertes Fenster Our wonderfull cabinetmakers manufactured a unpretentious double window perfectly fitting into the window reveal. To our immense joy my ancestors never ever threw something away so that we could furnish every pane with original metal fittings
Last year we found in the Stromer-archives a letter: if at some time there should be enough money then this window should be reopend again. This took now 65 years.
Das neue Fenster

And we found an apt lattice as well in our fundus
Das neue Gitter There had been sufficient place in the window reveal for new shutters as well!
Die neuen Fensterläden As the Himmelbettstatt is repainted again with light loam colours in its original setting and gets light from three sides again nobody can revile it rightly as "vault" anymore!
Nordostseite Himmelbettstatt

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