The blue Room

The "Blue Room" in the second floor of the Palas had been wallpapered in 1929 with such a special wallpaper that we and the Bavarian Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments decided to keep it though wallpaper on top of sandstone is not really good. The sandstone has to breathe, the wallpaper is a barriere
Over a period of nearly ninety years the wallpaper (a reprint of a wallpaper out of 1780) had been damaged, there have been many cracks, especially at the middle trusses. Because the wall has been made of framework the plaster disengaged from the wood. Everything was only kept together by the wallpaper.
With 36 injections the restorers fixed the plaster again onto the framework and the wallpaper onto the plaster.
They closed the cracks
and completed the failures with rests of the wallpaper existing in a big box from 1929.
In places where this didnīt work they even repainted the wallpaper!

On the eastern outside wall there existed damages by an old waterpipe from 1929 and therefore places with mould. These have been propely treated and eliminated
After having finished all this the wallpaper had been totally cleansed: Now it shows its original colouring from 1929 again.
The stucco has also been cleaned, restored and its original colouring restored as well
After finishing the restoration I put back all ends and sods anto ist original place. Ready!

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