The Foundation of the Friend's Association of Grünsberg Castle e.V.

10 June 2006, exactly 775 years after the first known documented mentioning of the castle, the Friend's Association of Grünsberg Castle has been launched by each individual founder member ceremonially ringing the bell. It has been founded for the purpose of supporting the trust "Stromersche Kulturgut-, Denkmal- und NaturStiftung" with money, work and advice. It shall help bringing this castle of European importance back to bloom as of old, including the inventory, tithe barn, Himmelgarten, Sophienquelle, Teufelskirche, Stromer forest and the river Schwarzach.
When founded, the association already counted 20 members. Early 2012 this number had grown to 67. Further growth is being hoped for.



Attorney Thomas Geldmacher from Erlangen had been elected first chairman. Erich Odörfer from Weinhof, second mayor of Altdorf, became the second chairman. Johannes Hofmann from Erlangen was elected treasurer. Monika Lautner from Nürnberg took the role of the secretary. The Administrator of the trust, Rotraut von Stromer-Baumbauer, by function member of the board of the new association, in a short speech emphasised the importance of the association and asked for help especially for the cultural events. This request for help was committed.
In the idyllic inner yard of Grünsberg Castle the evening of the foundation day faded into the night with cool drinks, bread with lard, and apple strudel.