"Stromer'sche Kulturgut,-Denkmal- und Naturstiftung" has been founded in 1999 with the aim of preserving Grünsberg Castle for the posterity. The castle, its contents and the surrounding forest and park are of considerable historical and cultural importance. The trust is obliged to preserve and maintain the buildings and their inventory, to make them accessible for academic or scientific purposes and to conserve the surrounding forests and fields. The Stromer family's coat-of-arms bears the motto 'dum spiro, spero: as long as I breathe, I hope'. According to this motto, the present generation is striving to maintain the property and make it accessible to the public. This is largely made possible through honorary and voluntary efforts, including those of the general public.



Die Stiftungssatzung der Stromer’schen Kulturgut-, Denkmal- und NaturStiftung
Der Stiftungsrat
Rechenschafts- Finanzbericht 2015
BvDS: Grundsätze guter Stiftungspraxis
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