In 2016 no conducted tours through the castle due to the general restoration

Since june of 2015 we are at the third part of the general restoration of castle Grünsberg. Here we work nearly solely on the inner beauty, in addition with fire protection and the refixing of two teared-of corners of the whole building.
The first and second part of the general restoration served solely the keeping of the building (static damages, roofs, woodwork. watering, electricity and the repairing of damages of the second world war -the castle got hit on the 28th of April, 1945!-
Now in part three we can finally restore as gentle as possible the stucco, the walls, the ceilings and floors of the first and second floor of the palas.
If possible we go back to the original settings (partly from the early 17th century).
Plasterer and restorators experienced with monuments use all their knowledge and aptitude to restore the former beauty with all its scars to the greatest possible extent of protection, applying old tecnologies and materials
Our cabinetmakers pull together as well . All our candelabrums are taken off and get new cables to shine afterwards with new brilliance without endangering the castle with electrical parts from 1929.

All this means for the administratorix to pack every single item of the art treasure very carefully and depack it again after the restoration.
And it means as well at the time being that our bathroom and very the soon our kitchen is unusable.
Manageable chaos reigns everywhere.
Therefore there are no guided toursin 2016 possible through the castle and we canīt offer our summer-fete this year.
But we will show to the public the restored first floor at the "day of open heritage" (11.9.2016)
And concerts will take place in the extended concert-toom of the first floor (library, "Sternzimmer and little cabinett).
Only by greatest economy we could save 120.000 € since the end of the second past of the restoration.
And only with huge grands from the federal republic, from Bavaria, from the German trust for monumentsīkeeping from Nürnberger Land and the town of Altdorf can we afford the 600.000 € which this part of the restoration will cost.
The "friends of the old town of Altdorf" and the Grünsberg club help as well to keep and beautify this monument important over the borders of Bavaria.

Our special gratitude stands with our architect, Karin Windisch, helping us absolutely competent and tastefully with her knowlegde and not least as a person. Thank you, dear Karin!

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