German prize for monument protection awarded to Grünsberg Castle

This year's "German Prize for Monument Protection" of the "German national Committee of Monument Protection" has been awarded to "Stromer’sche Kulturgut-, Denkmal- und Naturstiftung". The prize is the highest decoration in this subject area and is applying to outstanding efforts in maintaining the constructional heritage as well as the exemplary mediation of requests and objectives of monument protection and maintenance.
Based on the proposal of "Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege", the committee has decided to award the trust "Stromer’sche Stiftung" with "Silberne Halbkugel" (Silver Hemisphere) for the following achievements
the civil-societal engagement
the acting as a patron
the exemplary preservation
the public accessability
last but not least, the cultural programme
It is the first time since 4 years that the Silver Hemisphere has been awarded to an object in Bavaria. In November 2010, the awarding ceremony took place in Kiel.

presentation of the award

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