The Library becomes a little "Concert Hall"

In 1999 the library looked like this
1999 Directly one went from the library into the toilette. This had been changed with the restoration of the library in 1985
During the restauration of the "Himmelbettstatt" we used the library as storage-room for its furniture. All these things had to be transported back to their former place
Möbellager Afterwards we could remove the tapestry. To our horror we found big surfaces of mould!
Schimmel After closing the cracks and after the restoration of the original setting
Bibliothekseck Because we wanted to reopen the double door between the library and the "Sternzimmer" we first had to remove the huge library cupboard in front of the double door. This was really a big action!
Schrank umgestellt After having removed the cupboard the bricking up of the double door could be removed again. We found that besides an outer frame everything belonging to a door was yet existing
Die Mauer ist beseitigt! Now we can show (and use!) both our wonderfull instruments adequately

or like this, with wallpaper and curtains by Laura Ashley.
1999.2 This door we have closed and rewalled again in the second part of the castle´s restoration
Klotür zu And the ceilig showed many cracks
Stuckrisse we found again by chance the ceiling ´s picture in the archives room whhat had been removed in 1985.
Hopefully one day we´ll have enough money to restore and refix it in its original situation.
Deckengemälde Here you can see the intermediate status of the restoration of the original setting.
Zwischenstand After searching a little while I found between our multitude of keys one fitting to reopen the door after a little bit of oiling
The missing outer frame of the door our super cabinet could rebuild exactly like the old one on the other side of the door.
Ergänzung Now we can use the three rooms (Sternzimmer, Library and little cabinett) as a small concert hall.
And my great-grandparents Otto and Bertha von Stromer get again their place of honor after 80 years being hidden and after a proper restoration
Konzertraum 2

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